Monday, July 10, 2006

The Count

Well, I finally managed to count up every piece of clothing and every accessory I own. To be noted: I didn't include rubberbands for my hair, which alone might inflate the number drastically, but I did include hair accessories, hats, jewelry, and things like that.

Without furthur ado, here is the list. Please note that I am baring my wardrobe here!

100 indian clothing pieces (35 tops, 35 bottoms, 30 scarves)
2 shawls
6 pr pantyhose and tights
10 pr socks
1 set thermal underwear
20 pr underwear
12 bras
25 short sleeve tops and tanks
5 tshirts
20 long sleeve tops
4 sweaters
14 pr pants & jeans
17 skirts
7 dresses
6 coats and jackets
9 pr shoes
3 scarves
4 pr gloves
16 pr earrings
15 necklaces
45 bracelets and bangles
3 belts
9 bags
3 rings
10 pj bottoms, tops, and gowns
1 robe
4 headbands and hairclips
4 hats
3 watches
= 378 items of clothing

Phew! That's a LOT more than I thought I had. I suppose it's less than some people might have, but more than most.

More amazing to me: all the stuff I owned fit into THIS WARDROBE, now for sale (please ignore messiness):

I wonder how many clothes other people own. Anyone?

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