Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Mall

The mall is a dangerous place. I went there for lunch and I already felt like just browsing, just stepping inside to see what's there, just stopping by the store window to admire the clothes.

I bought food of course, and junk food, but stayed away from actually buying any clothing. Still, I WAS drawn in by those windows and stores. Hence, Step 8:

Avoid window shopping for clothes and accessories.

I know, this is hard, because you of course pass by windows everywhere. But it does mean no staring at the windows in admiration, no holding up clothing against me to see how it looks (unless I've got something absolutely necessary to buy that i can't make or buy 2ndhand) and no trying on (see previous). The other exception to entering clothing stores will be if I am with someone who is looking for something, but it still means not window shopping for myself.

Only vicarious pleasures for those trying to be virtuous...

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