Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Moving complete

I've finally moved to the new place. It's a suburb, not a big city, so it's really different and kind of boring. Which is okay, because I've been trying to unpack.

Limitation: No drawers! The walk-in closet is HUGE but I don't have enough hangers, nor do I have ways to store my delicates. I'll have to find clear boxes or shelves and get some more hangers.

I've managed through no fashion-related tv, no magazines, and no buying. yay. In fact, in the process of moving (and trying to fit all those clothes on less than 50 hangers), I got rid of a few. Phew.

The no buying thing is going to take a hit again. I need to get myself a top to match a skirt for a dinner party movie scene (yes, I am acting!). I HAVE to wear the skirt and I have NOTHING that goes well with it. SO, may I please be excused this once? I guess this qualifies for the exception: absolutely necessary.

Once I buy it, I'll hang out. I'll let you know about step 5, too, coming soon!

Update: here's a photo of the new place.

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