Friday, July 14, 2006

Progress on "NO BUYING"

My plan not to buy any more clothing is doomed from the start. I realized today I already pledged $60 for 2 tshirts (okay one isn't for me) that are for the AIDS walk. Do charity donation-tees count? I'm not sure myself. Still, the pledge was made before I started the steps. One of those t-shirts is an XL will (according to plan) be made into capri pants a la this tutorial.

In the process of packing and moving, I've realized just HOW MANY clothes and just general STUFF I have. I have a good stock of cloth and cloth scraps, plus a HUGE bag of yarn, plenty of beads and knitting/crochet supplies. The possibilities of refashioning are endless.

But this is about DE-fashioning. And that means, no more obsessing about fashion today.

Try it, it's harder than you think.

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