Thursday, July 13, 2006

Steps 3 and 4

Moving right along those steps: no tv at all today (so far), and no magazines browsed (though plenty of websites). I temporarily became inspired to try patchwork by Cut + Paste, which has some of the cutest things I want to make! So, I tried it out on my sewing machine. Maybe I'll post a photo later.

Fortunately for my 12 steps, my sewing machine moved today to the new place. No more sewing, at least for 4 days.

On to step 4, which is a toughie: No buying of new clothes, accessories, or materials unless ABSOLUTELY needed.

I have enough underwear and socks and shoes to last me a lifetime, I think. Only if the last one runs out will I buy, or maybe if I need something truly special for some occasion.

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