Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, I cheated on the no-tv thing: I watched an episode of "Project Runway." It was the show on making stuff out of trash, so I couldn't resist (I'm a sucker for recycled stuff!). My penance is to get rid of two more pieces of clothing.

I also received some hand-me-downs from my mom - old vintagey clothes she is no longer going to wear and which she is passing down like heirlooms. I'm happy to have these clothes that I've grown up with. It's more gratifying to have interesting things in your closet than basic staples.

My project today was to make a coverup from a orange scarf. I topped my one-shoulder tee with it, as seen below. It's see-through, and made from two identical pieces of cloth sewn together. Not flawless, but it works:

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