Monday, August 21, 2006

Delayed gratification

Well, it's been a week of under-two-minute clothing selection, and I can honestly and happily say that I've done it! There were a few close calls: Saturday, choosing something to wear to my first trip to a club in four years, I was just over 1.5 minutes. And yesterday, after a half-day of movie shooting with something I'd picked out to wear in June, I had to change, and frantically grabbed several things to wear under a surprisingly transparent outfit.

I've also crafted rule #10: Stop analyzing and looking at what people are wearing. Try not to judge others by their clothes.

This seemingly simple rule, which most of us think we already do, is a lot harder than it seems. I am so used to going around telling people how nice what they are wearing is, and how great that new top is, and how I could try to make that same dress. Instead, I will try to focus on how people ARE, not how they LOOK.

It is another part of weaning myself off of continually thinking about clothing, which despite the rules, alas, I still do!

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