Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Finished shirt, progress on the steps

Window shopping was fine until last weekend, when I had to return something and exchange another. My excuse is that I was helping a friend of a friend find something for graduation. After all that, I got my exchanging done (see three posts back) and my returning done, but she bought nothing! So much for my help.

That's the progress on step 8, and other than the above "work," I wasn't tempted at all! I actually seem to have willpower.

On to Step #9: Choose something to wear in under two minutes.

This is REALLY hard. I used to spend a LONG time trying on things, rejecting them one by one, before deciding on what to wear. Now it usually takes me about 5-10 minutes. That is still quite a waste of time. For the Defashionista, practical considerations should supercede fashion, and a time limit helps you not obsess. Still, two minutes is plenty of time for me to try on one thing, reject it, and choose another. Just in case.


I also finished the shirt, seen here on the left. As you can see, the stripes are in maroon, though a different (and softer) material. It definitely makes this almost-girly shirt look more masculine, though I need to press out the seams to make it hang better. All in all, a success, I think. Amazingly, husband loved it too!

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