Monday, August 07, 2006

Gifts and exchanges

I am not sure if gifts or exchanges count as buying something new. I received another top as a gift as a belated birthday present. I also exchanged a top I bought in July for tshirts at the store because it fell very badly and I didn't like the print after all.

That leaves me with little need for recreating, although I have a few ideas. I passed on several salwar sets to my mom, and got rid of one. But it DOES have a GORGEOUS scarf, as seen here.

Now the question was, what should I do with this scarf? I have considered: handkerchief hem skirt, long flowy skirt, caftan-like top, cut it into strips to make more scarves, but they all seem a waste. IIt would have also made a beautiful dress.

Finally, I decided, enough clothing. I made something more practical. My bathroom connects directly to the bedroom and needed a door (I'm a little squeamish that way), and so I made a sheer curtain. One seam, and voila.



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