Friday, August 11, 2006


In the interest of making as few new items of clothing as possible, I'm halting at the dress for now.

Instead, I've done two mini-projects (after getting dressed in record time - woohoo!)

1) I rescued a failed patchwork skirt made from all the fabric scraps I owned. It just wasn't falling right and was a little too short for my tastes. So I just sewed the bottom, added a drawstring, and sewed across the corners inside to make it a bit sturdier. Ta da - a nice-sized bag that hangs across my shoulders. Good for groceries or - well, not clothes shopping. You can see that the two sides are kind of different, based on what scraps I had handy. Please ignore the loose threads.

2) This is just a resize of a skirt that was TOO big around the waist and all around. I streamlined it so that it falls in a nice A-line. I just followed the line of a skirt I already had and cut off the excess.

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