Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Whittling down my wardrobe

Now that I've made a few things, my wardrobe is getting bigger instead of smaller! So I need to cut it down. I've resolved to cut as follows:

20 salwar and lehenga sets (60 pieces including matching scarves) - from 25
30 tops (long and short included) - from 37
10 pairs of pants - from 15
10 skirts - from 17
5 dresses - from 8

in addition to underwear and pjs. I already only have 9 pairs of footwear and 10 pieces of outerwear (sweaters and jackets), so I'm okay with that. I may get rid of one pair of shoes, too.

Although it's not that many items, whittling these numbers down is going to be difficult, so I'm resolved to cutting out two things a week. That gives me plenty of time to whine or try to trade. It also means that if I make something new, I give it away or replace something in my closet for it.

To sum up:
Toss 5 salwar/lehenga sets, 7 tops, 5 pants, 7 skirts, 3 dresses. Anyone interested in taking them?


Anneh said...

I would be interested in a salwar set, especially in bright blue or orange or red. do sizes matter? i've never worn a salwar set. I'm 5'6, about size 8 or 10, definitely not a "skinny Mini". Let me know if we are close in size!


Cruise said...