Monday, September 04, 2006

Whittling more...

Well, I'm leaving to India in two days and have finished packing. I've taken stuff I intend to give away there and so managed to whittle. What remains depends on what I ultimately bring back with me. Unfortunately, I am relying on only my willpower to prevent myself from bringing back clothes I didn't plan.

In the meantime:
- I've reduced skirts to 10! It was hard but then I just had to be honest about how I looked in some of them :)
- I dropped another dress, didn't fit well at all, and took back one from the Goodwill pile, BUT
- I found another pair of pants. I'm back up to 11. One goes with me on my trip and may not make it back.
- Salwars depend on my trip. There are 18 hanging in my closet, and I'm taking 6 to wear and give away. How many will I return with?

On the trip:
The no buying rule will have to be strictly enforced, unless it is not for myself. However, I will have to accept gifts. An inevitability. To be counted.

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