Sunday, September 03, 2006


Some progress already on reducing my wardrobe:

- I reduced my dresses to 5. I am not including my wedding dress.
- I also reduced my pants to 10. That was tough. I had to relegate one to beachwear because it was too see-through. And *sigh* I tossed my "skinny jeans"...
- I now have 22 salwar sets (only two to go!) (EDIT from 21: found one in the wash)
- I have 34 tops. This is the hardest part. Four left. I love them all!
- I did some major skirt culling. Now have 13 - three left!

I haven't refashioned anything. No more of that unless it's not clothing!

I did save an empty rice bag to try to make into a handbag for a friend. I'll have to line it with some of the cloth from my stash. Fun!

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