Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm baaack

I've returned from India, with a suitcase full of goodies. Fortunately some are gifts and others are food. I did, however, return with a stack of new tops as gifts for others, and several items of clothing for myself. Explanations and excuses below :)

I also violated several (but not all) rules.

1. Give away clothes
- CLEAN - this I did really well. I gave away a whole suitcase of salwar sets and returned with only 4 of the ones I took with me.

2. Refrain from fashion-related tv shows.
- VIOLATION - I watched Project Runway (Bravo). I did. It's too addictive. And I have to see the finale...

3. No fashion magazines.
- VIOLATION - We stopped at an amazing lounge in Hong Kong, stocked with magazines. With 7 hours to kill, I flipped through several, looking at pictures. Little reading, since most of them were written in Mandarin.

4. No new clothes or accessories
- VIOLATION - I bought new clothes and 20-cent earrings for friends, plus also a new pair of earrings, one top, and one skirt for me. To be absolutely honest, they were bought with money relatives gave me to buy clothes with. And I won't wear any of them until something else wears out. But still.

5. No fashion websites
- CLEAN - With at times really slow internet access, this wasn't an option. I stuck to my three allowed (Splendora, Fashion Cents, Wardrobe Refashion).

6. MAKE IT instead of buying
- CLEAN - One set of skirt and top, and another coverup I made from old scraps of cloth (I'll post pictures later). That is, I took the cloth and got it stitched by a tailor. Voila - new clothes with no new cloth. Refashion outsourced!

7. Buy secondhand
- VIOLATION - What I bought in 4 above, I bought new, not secondhand.

8. Avoid window shopping.
- VIOLATION - I spent more time at Singapore, and the airport is a fashion-lover's paradise, with every designer brand and displays of beauty. I couldn't help staring and touching.

9. Choose something to wear in under two minutes
- CLEAN - Amazingly, I've managed to stick to this the whole time. In India, I had a limited selection, so it was easy. After returning, with my newly pared-down wardrobe, it was pretty easy again.

10. Stop analyzing and looking at what people are wearing.
- VIOLATION - I did my best not to, but with the amazing international clothing you see when you travel, I was staring at people on tv, in movies on the plane, people in the plane, and everywhere else. Now I'm controlling myself again.

I'm also adding an amendment to step 10, which is not to compliment people on their clothes. I seem to do that a bit and although it may make people feel good about their fashion choices, I don't want to encourage that! This also means no more gushing comments on the Wardrobe Refashion blog. Hmm.

AND step 11: Apply rules 1-10 to jewelry and accessories. A big step which will take me some time.

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