Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fashion Transumer

It's amazing what we modern-day people can do with our money and ideas. We're less attached to things, so we cut up our clothes and give them away and buy new ones and trade things in. We've got money, so we can buy or rent or spend money on things that aren't things, like vacations and dinner and rentals and movies. We are the new transumers - consumers in transition from the permanent to the temporary.

When it comes to fashion, you can now rent a dress, borrow it, trade or consign it, donate it to goodwill and buy another at discount that will last you a season. What happened to long-lasting and quality and dependable? I'm afraid that now that has come to mean BORING.

So all my efforts at defashioning will not work without a plan that incorporates permanence without attachment. Sure, I don't need many clothes, but I should treat what I do have with respect, without throwing everything away wantonly.

Defashioning can be right in line with deconsumerism if I just keep those rules in mind, but remember that reducing your possessions just to increase them again later is just wasteful. And wanting clothes for their transient beauty will always make me unhappy. Fashion is transient, but clothing is a bit more permanent.

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