Monday, January 29, 2007

January 2007 tally

This is my TOP TEN tally for the month:

1. stuff given away: 11 + 15 (so far this week) = 26 things

2. poems written: 1

3. nervous breakdowns: 1 (after realizing I hadn't done any work at all over a weekend)

4. times I worked out at the gym: 4 (this is great for me!)

5. organized: medicine cabinet, boxes of gifts and wrapping

6. bought: food, Keeper, Sheese (also food), hangers (pre-compact)

7. joined: Seven-Things, Compact

8. rules broken: fashion websites (I visited many blogs, though they weren't really fashion), buy secondhand (hangers were new, sadly), stop analyzing/complimenting (need to work on this), tagged along with a friend who went window-shopping

9. list items complete: 22 (including today) - 1 left undone (baking muffins to freeze for breakfast)

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