Monday, January 29, 2007

More than seven

I've been obsessive about getting rid of things this weekend. After last Friday, I have continually been looking for things to put into my give-away suitcase. I already have over 15 things, and that's despite counting groups of items as one (all the CDs I gave away counted as one thing, all the magazines as another). Of course, it still remains to be seen whether I will actually trek down to Goodwill next weekend to give them all away.

I've started to involve my husband in this process as well and got him to toss two shirts. A big accomplishment, but they do not count in my total.

I've almost forgotten about all my defashioning rules these days because they've become such a non-part of my life. In the morning I toss on whatever first comes to hand, I hardly watch tv, never read magazines (my new addiction is blogs), and haven't bought any clothes or really thought too much about fashion, so I feel satisfied with my current defashioning. I do still need to stop complimenting people on their clothes - that is a hard habit to break!

My next thing to do is to make up some curtains from some thin scarves I have. I have a rod and brackets, but need to sew and put them up. That will help me sort through my fabric stash as well. The scarves are white, pale yellow, pale olive, and baby pink.

I'd like it to look like this, but in lighter colors (and maybe without the top drape). It may be my weekend project.

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