Friday, January 26, 2007

Reduce, reduce, reduce

Along with Compact, I've decided to do the Seven Things Project as well. They go hand in hand: get rid of seven things a week while not buying anything new. It'll be a good exercise in letting go.

What I love about Seven Things is that the giving/selling away of stuff is called "releasing," as in releasing them from your life. To me that gives each thing new importance: it's been trapped in your life for too long or without purpose, and there it goes off into the world to have a new life and freedom of its own, to find a place where it is loved and needed. It reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit, a lovely children's story.

The seven things I released this week are:

- express jeans: my "tight" jeans, which I finally realized will never fit
- 4 more cassettes: I purged most of my cassettes to charity and my sister and was hanging on to a few for "just in case recording," which I will never do
- 2 paintings: one done by a friend (sorry) and another a cloth wall hanging I never put up
- tape recorder: we have a digital recorder now for music classes
- journal: good reminiscing, but no longer necessary. recycle
- sling bag: it's worn and a bit torn, but working. i hope someone can use it
- magazines: i had one issue of Organic Style I gave to my mom, and issues of VegNews I won't read anymore. I kept two issues (the most recent, and a lovely Peace issue)

I also gave that baby dress away. Here's the picture of it. I crocheted the green circles, then made the front and back of the sweater, sewed them together with yarn (leaving armholes), crocheted around the edge for a simple green neckline, and then added the circles. The belt was just a long crocheted strip of white and then green, with tassels added later.

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