Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Today I saw a great bumper sticker: "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way." To me it means that peace can only be achieved by peace, and not by other means!

Peace is so intangible, though. It could be peace as opposed to war, lack of arguments, quietness, or even inner peace. Maybe they're all interconnected.

Words like stoic, senseless, staid, stern, (a lot of s-words) and others conjure images of yogis seated on pins for me. Dead to the world, utterly absorbed in their own things and lacking any creativity whatsoever. Awful, right?

And did you know that the word "anesthetic" comes from an- (without) esthetic (senses) - which is what an anesthetic does, make you lose your senses so you feel nothing.

It also means that anesthetics might make you stoic - you lack esthetics! I find it difficult to imagine a life without them.

However, Hindu philosophy holds that in order to be fulfilled and reach enlightenment, you must detach yourself from your senses. Does that mean enlightenment means anesthesia? Is that what yogis are going for? Inner peace by numbness?

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