Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Border jeans

This week I've been slow at removing things from my life, but I'm getting started on tackiling some projects I've been putting off.

For example, I added sleeves from dh's old sweater (he didn't like the v-neck) to a tshirt. It made the tshirt sleeves 3/4. Then I realized I'd added them inside out. Resewed. Now they are just past the elbow. It looked okay but it is going in the give-away pile anyway. Somehow not what I was going for.

I then was going to let go of a pair of capris - light soft denim ones but a weird length. I re-discovered this green zari border in my stash. Cut 4 pieces (all same width) - sewed on straight (front back front back), and then sewed up the sides. It's a nice length now. I kind of wish I could have sewed them a little higher so that the hem stitch of the jeans doesn't show but then they'd be too short, as you can see. Compromise. Have to figure how to focus better with this camera too. Apologies for fuzziness.

On the seven things front, I so far have the tshirt, and a surprise as well. Someone on freecycle wanted a toaster oven. I had one which I had been saving for someday since we don't have space now, but I gave it away. I also have a set of recipes and books posted which lots of people have requested but no one has picked up!

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