Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cool Tools

I've made one block of my three blocks for the baby! I also got some stuffing from San Diego to stuff them with.

Okay, so I've been finding these great new tools for living a better, more socially responsible life:

1) Mutual Fund Social Screen Tool - If you're invested in any mutual funds, this tool lets you screen them according to criteria you're invested in. Want to see if your fund is tobacco-free? Don't want to choose a fund that invests in Sudan? A very useful and enlightening search.

I'm planning to write to some of the funds from work and have them divest.

2) Water Use Calculator - Calculate just how much water you use. This is a tool from Canada (found it from One Good Bumblebee). Here is another for the United States.

I was surprised - on the Canada one I came out lower than the average. On the other one, I came out to 14,000 gallons. Yikes, need to watch the tap!

3) Ecofoot - How many Earths would we need if everyone lived like you? The answer might surprise you! I was 2.2 - probably mostly from all the flying I do. Shockingly, the US average is 24!

Eco-tip: Easy way to reduce your carbon burden - purchase a Carbon offset to plant trees or do other things that counteract the CO2 you're producing this year.

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