Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Culling - defashioning jewelry

I've been going through my jewelry and now have a nice pile of old earrings, bangles, and necklaces I'm giving away. After all, as mentioned in Simplify Your Life, you only need a couple of pieces of simple earrings that go with everything.

In my case, many are heirlooms. So I ended up keeping a lot of them, especially the 22 karat gold, for purely sentimental (ie my mother will kill me!) reasons. I'm left with lots of jewelry which I'm trying to pare down further.

Current count:
10 necklaces and pendants (plus 3 gold necklaces)
10 pairs earrings (plus 5 gold pairs)
7 bangles/bangle sets (plus one gold pair)
1 gold ring
2 pairs silver anklets

TOTAL: 39 (a bit of an improvement over the previous count)

My current goal is 20. Already tough.

In the meantime, my current project for Wardrobe Refashion (not sure if it counts though!) is knitting up some baby blocks (sort of like these). I'm making them out of multicolored pastel yarn and white yarn. They'll be a present for a friend's daughter.

Eco-tip: Leftover napkins at restaurants often get tossed. Save them to use as tissues or napkins in the car or at home and then recycle or compost.

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Jenny said...

I need to cull my jewelry too. I'm not much of a jewelry person to begin with, but I still have quite a collection. My toddler likes to go through my boxes, calling it "treasure."