Friday, February 09, 2007

Free Cards

Well, I'm trying out my Friday seven, only have 4 things so far. Update at the end of the day

I store all the cards I've handmade (or modified) in a big expanding file, which is now bulging! I'll never use them up this year, and I still have a ton of card-making materials! I'd hate to have them all be recycled because they are kind of nice (if I do say so myself!). I've enveloped them in magazine-paper individually. (I'll try to post some pictures later)

So here's the call-out to all: if you want any greeting cards, post a comment or email me your address and I will send them out in packs of 5-10 (depending on how many people want them) until I run out. They'll be a mix, but mostly blank. US only please!

I hope you all will like my cards!


Emily said...

I would love some greeting cards!

rani said...

I just realized there's no easy way to leave addresses on here! Okay, so if you want cards, please email me your address at rani AT karnatik DOT com and I'll send you some.