Sunday, February 04, 2007

Friday seven #2

This week's friday seven was a double! I've put them all into TWO small suitcases and my husband has promised to drop them off at the Goodwill this coming week.

Here are the items:
1-3. textbooks: development, calculus, genetics - these are old textbooks I no longer use
2. forever young forever healthy - a yoga book I gave back to my mom
3. better sight without glasses - I'm on contacts now but I've read this and know the principles. Maybe someone else can benefit.
4. conference book - don't know if anyone can use this, so it's just recycle
5. laser pointer - needs a battery
6. computer microphone - the case has snapped but it works if you hold it. we haven't used it in at least a year
7. nail clipper - I found at least 4 in the kitchen drawer, so here's one gone off.
8. 18 cds - the music is all on the computer or ipod or unnecessary
9. pair of slides/sandals - i just can't wear slides comfortably for some reason
10. pens - working but we have WAY too many
11. padlock - i forgot the combination. i wonder if anyone else can figure it out?
12. toolbox extras (nuts and bolts) - how many nuts and bolts does a person need?
13. one scarf - I have a ton
14. two tops - one shrank in the wash and no longer fits. It's a shame, it was pretty and a gift. The other is stained.
15. black pants (stained in the wash) - I only have one pair of black pants left now!

X. a glass vase, book origami and papercraft, my old drawings - I've relegated these to my gift box and for wrappings, so that they won't be lying around useless. I can fill the vase with roses when they bloom next year, and I have friends who love crafts. The drawings will make pretty wrappings and cards.

I also gave away two of my dh's shirts. It was hard parting for him.

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