Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's curtains for me!

I've finally put up those pastel curtains. I only used three panels (the fourth has gone missing!) and the ends are not done but it already feels cozier in the room. Again, since the edges are finished, no fraying. I used a needle for fine fabrics and used a zigzag stitch so it would stay in place. The curtain rod was freecycled (probably why it's all warped, but I like it).

I tried them two ways:
1) Hanging panels (pink white yellow) side by side. The three fit perfectly across.
2) Middle panel with swagged sides.

Not sure which I like better. Need help!

I also got rid of a few things so far: some bangles, a bead necklace, two other scarves, and 3 skeins of baby yarn (well, two skeins and one ball). I guess that's seven already. The pressure is off but my obsession with decluttering is not over!

Observation: Yesterday I heard a Hindi song that (roughly translated) said "whoever I think of as far away, is close to you." You can be interpreted in many ways, but I like the idea that distance is relative. Whoever is gone from our lives is closer to something else, whether God, or Nature, other loved ones, or just their own happiness.

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