Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Knitted blocks and poem

I finished the knitted blocks - three letters that spell out the little girl's name in knit (picture to come soon). I stuffed them with polyester fill. I made them up like boxes are made - sewed six identical squares each and then joined them in a cross pattern, and then sewed up all sides but one. Stuffed, then sewed up the last side.

They came out a little lumpy - I guess my knitting tension wasn't uniform! But the fronts came out okay.

I also started on a hat for her dad, based on one in the Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits (a great beginner knitting book!), which I picked up from the library. I plan to post it on Wardrobe Refashion when I'm done.

Today's cool thing: Forum with Michael Krasny on reducing greenhouse gases.

Not cool: I saw the Jack in the Box ad yesterday where Jack goes to his kid's school, and the child says he wants to be a vegetarian (at which the audience, along with Jack, are dismayed). Turns out the kid meant "veterinarian!" A simple and funny confusion, but a big step back for vegetarianism. I know it's just humor, but for some reason that ad is making me angry! (See it here)

Today's poem:
through a sliver of a pane
I see trees, like curly q's
and skies like blue cotton candy
like a tiny window into a book
i have not yet read
and in this world of the mundane
i dream
of something ethereal
of something beyond
my imagination

Eco-tip: Check your computer's energy settings. Set them to the lowest you can or the settings for "better energy savings." If you tend to leave your computer on at night, set a schedule to turn it off when you usually go to bed.

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