Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Projects, projects

In my attempt to reuse things as much as possible before recycling, I've found that it's not as easy, so I'm back to recycling a lot of things.

Case in point: milk and juice bottles. Ideally, milk should come in reusable bottles you can just refill. Ideally, I should just eat fruit and make my own juice. That doesn't happen in a household of 4+. Therefore, I'm saving a few jugs for watering plants and other things, while the others go off into the recycling bin.

I still have also not set up a compost bin, a fact I am reminded of (cringing) every time I toss vegetable peels and fruit cores into the trash. I'm tempted just to bury them around my rose plants until the compost bin gets set up.

I have been saving the caps of various juice and milk bottles which have made it to the recycling bin, however. I have a small collection now which I intend to make into a bowl that I saw on SOME website but can no longer find (any help? would like to give credit where it is due).

In the meantime, while defashioning, I am trying to give up other obsessions. Here is an arbitrarily-ordered list of my past (starred) and current obsessions and hobbies:

Hello Kitty*
Recycling things
Giving away stuff
Writing poems, stories
Drawing and doodling

I guess I don't intend to wean myself off of all of these, but key is not to let them take over my life.

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