Monday, February 26, 2007


This weekend I'm in San Diego at my parents home. I've doubled my Seven Things karma by helping my mom get rid of a box of books and various other trinkets from around the house. We did it yesterday while watching the Oscars - which were also green this year (Yay!), included a win for Al Gore, and had many useful ideas about how to stop global warming. Love and environmentalism all around!

I also cut my hair!!! I've been growing my hair for a year and a half and finally cut it off. I got a free haircut out of it because I donated 12 inches to Locks of Love. What an easy way to do something helpful, huh?

She has also been making pretty handbags out of old cloth and bags that rice comes in (Basmati, jasmine, etc). So, we opened up an etsy shop!

It's called Bhoodevi and is at The name comes from the Hindu goddess of the Earth, and we're planning to put up some bags and other pretty things made out of stuff that would normally go into landfills. I'll keep you posted!

Eco-tip: Save bits of paper from around the house and junk mail that's been printed on one side. Staple them together to make little notepads to keep by the phone or jot down notes. You could even make whole notebooks out of them.

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