Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday Seven #3

Saturday is nice. I get up REALLY late (the last in my household) and while they have the TV blaring with news of Anna Nicole and presidential campaigns and Indian movies, I get to organized.

Today I just remembered I'm doing Saturday instead of Friday, which is a relief! I got several more things at the last minute, but already in the third week I feel like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel.

1. Toaster oven - wanted by someone on Freecycle
2. Recipes and VegNews magazines - offered to Freecycle, taken
3. Tshirt - I added sleeves to make it 3/4 but wasn't happy.
4. Binder clips - I never bought these so they probably accumulated from things brought home from my old school.
5. Binders and folders - I save all my old binders and folders for reuse, but I'm just not using that many any more. Extras out!
6. ipod nano case - I gave my ipod (which I won) to my dad, and he'd never use so girly a case.
7. Real simple magazine - I stopped subscribing but was hanging on to one last one for some reason. There's always the library.
8. Bag of tea lights - I'd saved this for a gift but it never seemed appropriate.
9. Airline headphones - usually a waste of $3-5
10. Power strip - have too many, and not that many electrical items to use at once!

Wow, looking back, that's decent considering I only had three things Friday night.

I'm also giving away old cards. Let's see how many go today.

This week: 10
Total: 36

Next week is going to be difficult, but this is my personal battle with consumerism.

edit: forgot the photos, here they are!

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