Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Building Community

I am not a gregarious person. My ideal day off involves taking a walk alone or with dh, sitting in my room doing crafts and listening to music, reading a book, doing some writing, and a little computing.

However, today's speaker on Forum was Bill McKibben. Amazingly, I had not heard of him, but his words were amazing. He has a very soothing Hugo Weaving-like voice (Agent Smith from the Matrix) and discusses some lovely ideas about global warming and living with less by building local communities and getting to know your neighbors. What a Why-aren't-people-already-doing-this sort of concept! You can hear the show here starting tomorrow. It goes right in line with Compacting, while incorporating the ideas of physical interaction. He notes that walking around in a farmer's market, for example, people have many more conversations than in a chain grocery store.

My further adventures in removing stuff from home (in addition to my frantic seven things collections) are now involving:
1) packaging gifts for friends with upcoming birthdays
2) sending some nice little things for my Save the Children child
3) sending a new package to someone on postcardx.net
4) staring blankly at my closet and room (and kitchen and bathroom and...) in the hopes of convincing myself I can indeed part with something there

After reading Judy Moody Saves the World, I've gone back to read the original Judy Moody. Still kids' stuff, but still highly entertaining! It's nice to have an adult perspective while reading children's books. I'm now on to Julie of the Wolves.

No takers for my giveaway yet. Last chance - they may go in my Seven Things donation on Friday.

Eco-tip: Stash a plastic or regular spoon in your bag. When you go out to lunch, you don't have to grab a brand new cheap plastic one. Put it in a cloth bag if you can't wash it off.

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