Sunday, March 11, 2007

Card designs

I've made up several card designs over the years (okay, it was two years ago) for my own use. I was making a card for an old family friend who recently got married and rediscovered them.

I'm not sure if any of you will use them, but here they are.

1. This is a folding card - I wanted to make one that opened up to reveal the message inside like doors. The images are somewhat traditional for Indian weddings.

2. This is a card for inviting people to your house for a function known as Navarathri - nine nights, including golu, when clay dolls and other sculpted and painted pieces are placed on a series of steps in the home. Then you travel to each person's house to see their displays, sing them a song, and get something yummy to eat as well as a goody bag! (Front and back)

3. This card is actually made from a picture from my own wedding. Fold in four to make the card.

4. This is another picture from my wedding, different effect. Outside and inside separate.

I've also wanted cards from these images by Artist Maya. Unfortunately, right now they're only for invitations and not for congratulations....

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