Sunday, March 04, 2007

Craftiness! And Seven #6

This weekend, I have already been exceedingly crafty.

Yesterday I spent all evening making a paper doll book for a friend's daughter out of my paper scraps. I'd wanted to make an Indian paper doll for SO long (turns out there are several on the market now, try Googling). I wasn't sure how to do all the perforations and all that, though, until I got the GREAT idea of Velcro from Tania's blog! So that worked really well (click to read the whole book):

I've been saving up plastic caps and rings from milk and juice to make a bowl (can't remember where I saw the idea), but that just wasn't working out (plus my glue gun ran out of glue). Instead I made a tray that just slightly curves upward at the edges. I should try only the rings for the bowl next time - the caps are too inflexible and hard to glue together.

I also made some jewelry out of some old beads pulled from various necklaces. And then I wrapped that box in a great children's travel brochure I had saved from a trip to Switzerland. The green bow on top is made from a teabag fold pattern. I made an accompanying card from scraps.

Another cool recycling idea, as well. I saved a juice holder thing (holds two bottles together, from Costco) not knowing what to do with it. It turned out to be perfect for holding our razors. Cool, huh?

Phew! That's a lot of recycled stuff. I feel good about it, even though I've created more stuff in the world (a strange paradox)

On an unrelated note, I was pointed to this children's book. Judy Moody Saves the World. I'm hooked by the excerpt. How will Judy convince her family to recycle? I have to find it at the library and find out!

Seven #6 turned out a little lame: 2 tops, 1 scarf, 1 bag (as mentioned earlier), 5 balls of yarn, a pair of tights, a hairclip and set of earrings (as a gift). I had offered up my microwave on freecycle but it's not gone yet. Total: 68. The yarn went to an amazing freecycler who was knitting for newborns and leukemia patients. I felt like Schindler - maybe I should have given her more!

Ok, too long a post. Last thing:

Eco-tip: Plastic or paper? Say no to both. Stash some cloth bags (or reused plastic or paper bags) in your handbag or the trunk of your car. You'll have them handy when you go shopping.

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