Monday, March 05, 2007

February 2007 tally

I forgot to do the February tally! Not including the 6 days of march past. I also realized I only had 9 for January. Ha! Here it is:

1. stuff given away: 15 + 10 + 10 = 35

2. poems written: 2

3. drawings done: 1

4. times i went swimming: 2 (rainy month, outdoor pool, excuses, excuses)

5. made (for WR or just for fun): 2 (curtains and border jeans)

6. bought: food, junk food, household stuff like toilet paper and soap

7. real work accomplished: actually decent, considering #10

8. rules broken: my main problem now is with analyzing and complimenting and looking at people's clothes and accessories - a hard habit to break. when you want to make it, how can you not? and when it's cute, i feel like i have to say so! maybe i should recant on the "not complimenting" part...whatdya think?

9. list items done: i seem to have abandoned the list! time to get back on track.

10. blogs read: too many to count!

Let's add a number 11 - number of eco-tips: 8

And today's: Save energy by cleaning out your dryer filter before each dryer cycle. Better yet, use a drying rack or as it warms up, dry your clothes in the sun! What to do with all that dryer lint? A few ideas here.

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