Monday, March 19, 2007


Getting rid of things is a freeing experience. It's tempting just to give more and more away once you begin, and simplify to exhaustion. It's especially fun to send someone a nice package or to give them a well-thought out gift.

Speaking of gifts, I've finally finished reading Julie (skipped Julie of the Wolves, that's next, thanks to Femminista). It was a poignant book and I learned a lot I didn't know about Eskimo culture! One of my favorite passages:

"The Eskimo languages have no words for "thank you." One does not give to be thanked. A person gives to please himself; that requires no thanks."

I've also been considering the alternative: sometimes it's good to sell what you have. You get money back which can go to good causes. We are selling some old cell phones, and the proceeds will go to the Association for India's Development.

In the meantime, I am collecting various items around the house (more than seven!) to donate not only to our usual American Veterans pickup but also to take to India next month. I'm hoping I can create a couple of crafts as well to take and donate. Along those lines, I am still lurking on 25 Things for Charity. A beautiful concept, but I am not sure if I am ready to commit.

Eco-tip: If you have a laptop, don't leave it plugged in. You'll get better energy savings and battery life if you use it unplugged until the battery drains then let it charge up again fully. Don't forget those energy-saving settings also.

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