Thursday, March 29, 2007


If I were renaming my blog, I would name it this. It reminds me of magical spells (like witchcraft) but brings to mind things green and energy-conscious, and of course, crafts!

I finally got to uploading the picture of my meal. I've bought some new peanut butter, but it takes some difficult mixing, and I haven't tested out putting in any spices or herbs yet. Maybe I'll just try sprinkling things on top and see how they taste.

This week's illustration friday topic is "I Spy..." and this is a drawing I did that might be appropriate - can you see the 3 objects in there? I did this a long time ago (actually, in a literature class!), but regret doing this on paper that was printed with text on the back. I'm giving the original of this one away too (email me at pj20 at cornell dot edu if you want it).

I've broken some defashion rules a bit - watched a few minutes of "Top Model" and flipped through a "Good Housekeeping" (does that count?) over the weekend. I avoided the fashion pages in the magazine, though I have been visiting some blogs that have clothes and fashion on them. Yep, I've broken it.

I've been keeping up on the compact though. I bought two used books online as a gift, but didn't pay for them. Other than that, so far the only non-compact new non-consumable item bought this year has been the compost bin. I'm trying to keep it together.

Eco-tip: Arundhati Roy's candid views on resistance and violence and deforestation and more in India. Read the interview here.

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