Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Illustration Friday

It's not Friday but I wanted to do Illustration Friday for a few weeks now. Here is my first - sort of a cartoon sketch (which I'm not crazy enough to post on their site yet!) I don't usually do cartoons and I'm badly out of touch but I find them easier sometimes when I'm not in a painstaking-care-drawing mood. This week's theme is "hide." Somehow this made me smile, thinking of how occasionally I was so scared of my teachers in school.

I also finished those coasters. I like top left best - it's most dense and neat. I also did it first. I guess I forgot or got lazy with the others. I wanted to do all the same colors but in different combinations.

And finally, here is a little booklet I made for a friend of ours who just got married. It has our fave restaurants, hiking trips, b&bs, and some gift cards in there.

Eco-tip: Save on unnecessary packaging and buy in bulk or at a local farmer's market or produce store. When you go, opt for produce that came from nearby rather than those labeled "Timbuktu" (unless you live there) or anything far away - it takes a lot of energy to get those things here!

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