Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Wednesday

I checked Monday's post and again it says Friday, when I started the draft of the post. Wonder why it doesn't use the date you publish, rather than the date you started composing the post. Well, it was posted on Monday.

More stuff is making its way into the give-away bin. Yay!

I'm still giving away my 8.5 by 11 drawings if anyone wants them. Most are black-and-white, but they're all pen drawings. Email me pj 20 at cornell dot edu if you want more details or want me to send them to you.

I'm sleep deficient today. Trying to work anyway.

I found myself upon on the moon
And told a story of the sun
But then it ended much too soon
And before I knew it, I was done
Before I knew it, I was done

I turned the page and a sliver
Of the Earth was turned to me
The Earthset glowed along the river
And crept as Earthshine on the sea
It crept as Earthshine on the sea

Maria, seas so dry as bone
Abandoned was I away from home
I wandered, saying, as craters shone
"Forever, ever will I roam.
Forever, ever will I roam."

Observation: I discovered that although I have no window at work, I have a sliver of greenery visible through a tall narrow window. It's always cheerful. The sun and the green really make the drabness of an office more bearable.

Eco-tip: Check out the Science Idol - cartoons on how politics influences science. Last year's winners covered everything from grant-writing to global warming.

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