Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lintiness and forgotten seven #7

Saturday was a lovely day. We went pedal-boating at the lake and took color and black-and-white photographs on my friend's non-digital camera and saw the most beautiful sunset I have seen in years. And Sunday we went to a lovely spa including a hot tub and steam room and shower and fresh towels and tea. You can get all this for under $20! Who knew? I plan to avail of these more often in the future. It was great for my sinuses.

I also finished up my dryer lint doll.

She needed a little dress, so I started making one:

And then, look what happened! :(

Despite all my attempts at water-soap-glue surgery, she is still legless! Now, what to do with her? She is too dusty and fuzzy to be kid-safe, and it's really sad to see her like this. Any ideas?

Also, this weekend I went to the composting workshop in my area. It was great! I broke the compact to buy a worm bin and some worms. I thought it would be really gross handling worms and had nightmares of them crawling around everywhere but they are well-contained in their little black bin, happily chomping away at the first peelings and coffee grounds I've fed them. Plus they don't like light, so they'll stay inside. I think this counts as a legitimate compact purchase, considering how much less trash I'm producing, right?

I TOTALLY forgot about my Seven Things this weekend! Oh no, number 7! I had already put aside another top, another pair of tights, a bag, and a few trinkets I gave away as gifts for some little kids. We'll count that as 4.

We've also left out a few of our own things on the curb. Apparently every year in our new neighborhood, everyone leaves out whatever they don't want for neighbors and whomever to pick up. We left our old microwave and some boxes and other things out. After a little digging around, I came back with a pretty green plastic grocery basket, a complete box of the game "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?" (how amazing, I loved to watch that as a kid!), a couple of little basket/trays, a small footstool, and a pretty envelope decorated with a pig. And someone was throwing all of that out!

Finally, I must say, over the weekend I had three soy chai lattes (a lot for me!). HOWEVER, Saturday's chai at the lake beat the other two. It smelled and tasted like liquid gingerbread. Just thinking about it...mmmm.

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