Thursday, March 01, 2007

Making making

First items are now in the shop! Go take a look.

Here are the creations so far:

Completed blocks for baby (can you read her name?)

Completed hat for baby's daddy (shhh) It looks small but it fits my husband just right, so I'm hoping...

My first ever embroidery. It was kind of hard because I didn't have an embroidery hoop with me, so that far right flower is kind of wonky. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. The fabric is now a little bag I'll use for gifts.

Stuff given away: two more tops, a cloth bag, and a scarf. (I know that's only four, I have a day or two left, though!)

Eco-tip: Try to keep track of what you throw in the trash. Is it something that can be recycled? Set it aside. You could even leave yourself a note on the trash can - "Is that your final trash?"

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