Friday, March 02, 2007


Today I learned how to make these: ♥ • ⊕ ∗

I also followed the lead of Anna at twelve22 and made up a calendar. I used to make these but she inspired me to make it pretty and creative. I fill it with Hindu holidays and other interesting holidays. Not sure if anyone else wants to use it, but here it is!

I just rediscovered this. A while ago Wardrobe Refashion was looking for a new logo. I took a few pictures and put them together - the idea was poor Cinderelly to fashion model. They didn't pick me but I kind of liked it...

Oh, it's Friday. I haven't found any more things to give away. Someone might take my microwave soon though. Have to scramble tonight.

Eco-tip: Carry a few pretty handkerchiefs instead of a bunch of tissues. You can wash them to clean and they will not fall apart in your hands.

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