Monday, March 05, 2007

Show and Tell

I have a million more things for show-and-tell today :)

Cute link: Nina Paley's Sitayana

in love with this wallpaper from Nama Rococo. i have this great urge to take some paint from the garage and just go crazy on the walls, but not the guts to actually do it. plus, we're renting (sheepish smile).

I've been playing with my new copy of Photoshop (especially the flare tool, which I just discovered) and made these little guys:

I call them Robi and Myna (not really sure why, they just sounded right). For some reason I was trying and couldn't remember my favorite animal. Until this:

I've also been playing with the program "Comic Life" that came on my laptop. It's funny - you can make anyone say anything! Here are my mom, my sister, and myself (the trigger-happy one):

We had a chance to spend a nice hour reading and browsing at Barnes and Noble this weekend. I was reading craft mags (surprise) and also a lovely yoga poems book by Leza Lowitz. This one grabbed me by the heart:

Buddha Konasana
Bound Angle

If you could call it perfection
What would it look like?
How would you know it,
feel it,
be it?

Wherever you are now
call it perfection
and know
that in the moment
it is really enough.

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