Friday, March 23, 2007

SHUTDOWN and play!

SO, shutdown day was great. I got up early and had to run a few errands, after which I went to the farmer's market and library, and then did some reading. Then we went out to play badminton and finished up with hanging out with friends and dinner. I did once get tempted to check email but resisted the urge. This morning I got up and tried to put off computer until about 2:30, after finishing Julie of the Wolves. I highly recommend this computer fast.

I also managed to raise $90 from the sale of 2 old cellphones we had. We'll round it up to $100 for AID.

In San Diego, I had bought some rose salted basil peanut butter from Spread. It's delicious, but unfortunately almost over! My typical meal with this: multigrain toast with a touch of Earth Balance (I toast on the stove, no toaster) and the spread, and a glass of hot herbal tea (in this case, jasmine green). I could order more, but I wonder if I could do it myself with fresh or dry basil and some sea salt. It would be fun to try other variations too - I'm imagining chili-coriander-peanut butter and apricot-marmalade-peanut butter. mmmmmmmmmmmm

I finally began working on my craft paper lantern also. I started drawing on some white paper (it looked better than the brown) and planning out what parts I'll cut out. I'm only about an eighth of the way through!

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