Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Work is fun!

I've actually discovered that my work (in science) is really and truly enjoyable. I feel like I'm doing something useful, I find it fun, and I'm definitely learning something new each day. I still experience setbacks and the constant fear that I am way out of my league here, but I do feel like this is work that is comfortable and suited to me. I won't yet be merging my craftiness and my science the way the Crafty Scientist has, but maybe someday...

On another note, Bill McKibben and others are organizing Step it up 2007 - rallies around the country to combat global warming on April 14th. I won't be in the country, so I hope I can convince some people to take part instead!

One of the things I loved that he said on Forum was that apparently one of the largest industries in the country is the sale of storage lockers! How sad are we that we pay people to hold stuff we don't even need for us?

I'm full throttle at giving stuff away and clearing all that STUFF from my life. My India suitcase (the trip nearly three weeks away) is half full already! A couple more packages will go out to postcardx and others this week.

Eco-tip: Go to and sign up for a rally!

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