Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Break? Seven #10

Well, I've apparently been on a break. I guess that cold and getting busy with other things (who knows what, just life!) took over. I even forgot to do my Seven on Friday!

So here is what I got rid of:
- my snorkel, mask, fins, and gloves
- a small wall clock
- a salwar set
- more folders

That makes 7 exactly. Phew. Total: 96

I'll have to find several things this week to give. Luckily AmVets is coming on Friday.

Also, I finally finished taxes tonight! Yay! Don't put it off anymore. And do it online (save paper and headaches). (That's my Eco-tip today)

My crafting is on hold while I work and engage other aspects of my life, and prepare to travel, and spend some time on the movie. I will be making some bags out of an old beautiful pink sari, and I'll be wrapping some gifts.

Compacting is going okay. I did spend 2 gift cards I had - not sure if they count as a violation? I spent them on gifts for kids in India.

In the meantime, I found a couple of quick kitchen fixes:
- dried mint or basil or oregano makes lovely tea. All you need is a filter with a teaspoon of dried herbs and hot water drizzled slowly over it.

- random hot soup can be made with whatever veggies you have in the fridge, boiled, and pureed. of course, spices make all the difference.

Nothing ingenious but fun for me!

Also, I watched some of Next Top Model. Augh! Didn't mean to! Amazing how dreams of clothing come flooding back when you indulge in something like that. I'm still preprogrammed.


Jenny said...

I haven't been keeping tally of our seven things, but we're still regularly giving them away. 96 is a big number.

We don't do regular television (but we do a lot of netflix) and I haven't seen Top Model yet, but I got hooked on Project Runway DVDs for a while.

rani said...

Thanks - 96 actually feels small to me (but I guess I have a lot of stuff!). Smart of you not to do tv - I am hoping for the willpower to stop!