Saturday, April 07, 2007


What a post! The Ending Death to the death penalty!

I found a lovely site that challenges writing skills. Fifty-word fiction. Here's what I submitted (a scant 49 words!):

The deer ran from our destroyed car. It was only the last straw - my sister died with blood on her wrists, leaving a baby with my eyes. Not my daughter, a daily reminder. I smile for her, eyes dripping with blood. She grows up strong, tempered by her mother's pain.

It was not as easy as it seems - you have to pick and choose your words. I almost submitted this, but chose to go with the "story" style:

I walked along the trail - headed home. I longed a hot bath, but was steeped in the rhythm of walking, step after step. I looked behind me - the bay loomed gray-blue and draped in mist. The smell of it still clung to me, and the coyotes howled their goodbyes.

Today I washed sheets to wash away the viruses from everything. And then I'm cooking and working and then (I hope) start cutting into the paper design!

Eco-tip: Save old ziplock bags. You can turn them rinse, turn inside out, let dry. They're ready for reuse! Don't use hot water.


Jenny said...

A 50-word story is a steep challenge. Our library hosts a 50-word story contest each year, and I can never get it right. Yours works though, and works well.

PS: I tagged you here.

rani said...

Yeah it was tough. Thank you!

I'm working on the tag. What a cool idea!