Thursday, April 12, 2007

Off to India, Seven #12

I've made 50 little cloth bags from an old sari and other scraps:

I've bought soaps and chocolate.

I've packed.

I know I've forgotten something...

So, this is my last post from the US for a few weeks. I'll try to post in India but it depends on time and computer/internet availability!

My seven things this week is pretty good:
- 5 vases/pots
- 1 fleece sweater
- 2 cloth bags
- plastic cup and various little things in it
- another mini sewing kit
- birthday candles
- a few wine corks (4)
- fridge magnets (3)
- cap
- 2 kitchen utensils
- stickers
- combs (5)
- travel-size hair stuff (3)
- coffee mug
- cloth scraps

That makes 21! Total: 124

Eco-tip: When packing, line your suitcases with old newspapers and wrap items that might leak in reused plastic bags. Rather than buying a whole new magazine, print out (from online) or photocopy articles you'd like to read on one-sided paper.

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