Friday, April 06, 2007

Papercutting and Seven #11

I forgot to leave things out this morning (ahem, overslept), but I added some things to the bags/recycle/India bag in the meantime:

- glass vase
- single earring and earring parts
- fridge magnet
- another cloth scarf
- plastic picture frame
- small toy
- a tissue papercut (one of my early ones, falling apart)

That's 7 items. Total: 103. Woohoo I passed the hundred mark!

As I contemplate cutting my complete drawing for a Midsummer Light-style effect, I've been doing a little "research" on how others do papercutting. I've come across some Astonishing papercuting artists in the process.
Ellen Brown makes lovely valentine hearts and trees

Shoto Kimura's papercuts are more like portrait paintings on first glance - but surprise, they're papercuts!

Peter Callesen's concepts make me as speechless as his skill. This is papercraft! (found when I was browsing

Rob Ryan makes intricate whimsical papercuts that are so sad and romantic and cute at once.

Joe Bagley's elaborate papercuttings of the famous look like pen and ink drawings, but are far more complex.

∴ The Guild of American Papercutters has a magazine called FirstCut that features some eye-widening designs.

Kirigami is another lovely folding-and-cutting style (we all remember snowflakes!). Here's a place you can design your own overlapping designs, like this one:

...and then here am i. Just plugging away with my craft blade. Onward! ♥

Here's a good list of things I came across. I'm not sure of the intended purpose, but it looks like a useful list to get me up and creating and taking charge of my life. Link

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