Monday, April 09, 2007

Setting Goals

As I pack, I've been finding more and more things to release from my life. I'm up to 20 this week already (make-up time for previous weeks!). List to come.

In the meantime, I've been tagged by Jenny at The Green Mommy to do the Gotta' Get Goals. Hers are here - really good ones (and a nice blog, too!).

I have a list of 10 goals for the year constantly on my desktop but what would I do for a perfect life? That's a whole different story. So after some serious contemplation, here they are:

1. Energy independence - I don't think this can happen in my lifetime for the world, but I'd like to minimize my use of energy. I want to make solar and feed it back and compost and not buy anything packaged and not drive. I guess that means being sustainable and self-sufficient. Wow.

2. Finding myself - It goes along with #1, but it's different. I want to live in harmony with my own mind, have control, find my place in the universe, learn what enlightenment might be like.

3. Cure AIDS - Haha this is like saying "Create world peace," but it's in my sight. I'd like to be a part of the solution, whether through research or advocacy or charity (or all of the above)

4. Travel - I really want to visit the Galapagos Islands (made famous by Darwin himself!), the Amazon rainforest, and the Himalayas. That's all.

5. Sing a concert - I learn Indian classical music, and I'd love to be able to sing an entire concert really well all by myself. I wouldn't actually need to do it, but just know that I have all the skills necessary to do it right that second.

6. Help the world be more sustainable - I think it's not enough to be sustainable yourself. After all, just living in the US adds to your carbon burden! So I'd like to spread the word, and get people to see that living vegetarian and environmentally friendly isn't such a hard change and that it's truly important and fulfilling.

7. Learn to play the guitar - I think I've started learning at least 3 times without figuring out how to really play. I don't need to play beautifully, but just well enough to strum along to a few of my favorite songs.

8. Stay in touch - I'm the world's worst at returning phone calls. I'd like to be one of those amazing people who calls everyone in the family at regular intervals, never forgets a birthday, and remembers what's been going on with everyone.

9. Raise thoughtful children - I don't have any children yet, but when I do I want to raise them to be thoughtful, caring citizens of the world, who are not just intelligent, but who give back in a meaningful way. That would make me proud.

10. And finally, on the theme of this blog, Achieve simplicity - By this, I mean material simplicity, but that simplicity needs to be psychological as well. Not just having a few basic clothes, but not wanting and obsessing and craving more. Avoiding building interminable lists of things I may or may not have time to do. Doing only the things I need to do without planning for the future and worrying about the past. Just living in the moment, with contentment.

I would have liked to add "Find my calling," as Gaia Girl (what a great name) did, but I've just run out of space! I also noted that none of those (except maybe #10) involve crafts! Puts things in perspective.

I'm tagging a few and hoping for more inspiration (more great blogs for you to check out!). Lurkers, come out of hiding, too:



tania said...

oh this is a great list!
does put things into persepective-
eep! and a hard tag - means i actually have to THINK! ( haha )

rani said...

haha - it's a little hard but TOTALLY worth it. I'm sure with all your creative talent you'll have no problem.

Lish Dorset, crafter said...

Ooh, I'm in! Shall I post my goals here or on my blog?

rani said...

post them on your blog :) and don't forget to tag someone!