Monday, May 21, 2007


Gratitude of the day: Thanks to all of you for your kind words about the things I sent out and your very sweet comments. I am just basking in blog love.

I managed to get rid of a BUNCH of things all at once today that I had posted previously in my Seven Things - 3 bags of stuff out by the curb for American Veterans. I hope they can use the stuff.

I recently read on my local Compact list that some places (like libraries) just send things they can no longer sell or use to landfills! Augh! Exactly what you don't want to happen... So I'm sending them to organizations that help the needy instead in the hope that they'll get used somewhere.

I've also acquired a bunch of stuff. I just love receiving things, especially things of beauty, but then I think, oh I have all this other stuff, whatever shall I do with all that? And therein lies the dilemma: What is the use of getting rid of stuff if we keep receiving more?

I can't say no to ALL gifts ALL the time (this is nice, but take it back?). I will bring stuff into my home - a fact of urban living. I once wrote this article, which was a great idea at the time: use everything until it cannot be used anymore. But a gal can't turn her bedroom into a storage room for a maybe.

Therefore, I resolve from now on to give away OR regift whatever I cannot and do not use. I know this is sure to be an unpopular announcement, so in advance, I apologize to everyone who has ever sent me anything I once liked but do not anymore. I will still be keeping things of beauty that I really do use - like custom-made items and things I truly love and clothes that have sentimental value (after all, what is life without those?). But anything that I want to give away but feel guilty about - begone with thee!

Every rule has exceptions, the ones I've had before, like things my mom will kill me for giving away (so I'll give them to her to keep), things for work, and stuff that is needed for a project that is in the foreseeable future (one year max). The difference between this and my defashionista rules is that it applies to EVERYTHING at home that is mine - not just clothes, but shoes, jewelry, books, pots&pans, food, and all the other knickknacks.

I'll start tonight. It won't be easy. But it's all part of being a defashionista.

And that is my Eco-tip today, too: give away what you are hanging on to for unknown reasons. Ponder, cry, and let go. Someone, somewhere will love it, or it will return to the earth.


Enthusia said...

that is a tough one--the gift giving. so much of our sentiments and carism are built into gifts. but that doesn't mean we don't need a shift! i bet once you start publicizing your views, how people gift you will change (hope!). maybe it will force a level of thoughtfulness in giving that we should be using in the first place--good luck, good post!

rani said...

Yes I've struggled with gifts for a while (a search on this site for "gifts" yields a lot of results! You are absolutely right that a well-chosen gift can be worth a lot - it's all the others that are the problem!