Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lower Tirupati

I'm still working on a couple of other posts (am I the only one who plans posts in advance and then inserts photos?), so I'm posting more from our trip, after visiting the temple at the top of Tirumala (Tirupati-mountain).

When we finally came down off the mountain, we saw some pretty trees of bright flowers

A couple of weddings were taking place up here, too

Then we ate at a restaurant. On one shelf, crispy fried pani puris were packaged (that's a tongue-twister!). The ceiling had a pretty motif.

And in a corner, a poster of the Lord Krishna, another avatar of Vishnu. He was the mischievous one, who LOVED milk and butter. As a child, he would climb up on his friends' shoulders and break the pot of butter his mother had carefully tied up. He'd steal the clothes of the girls who were bathing in the river. He'd tell one girl to close her eyes while he put a flower in her hair and then put it on another girl.

He did all that, but he also danced on and drove away the hundred-headed snake that was poisoning the village water (he spared him because his hundred wives begged Krishna for mercy). He was eating mud as a baby, and when his mother scolded him, he opened up his mouth, where she saw the whole Universe. And when he played the flute, it was the most melodious sound in the world.

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Gaia said...

What great pictures.

That tree looks like the flamboyan (royal poinciana) we have here in south Texas.

I'm looking forward to more pictures.

rani said...

thank you :)

yes they call it "flame of the forest" or gulmohar - the peacock-flower!

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